About Me and Contact

(Blog written 2011-2012): I am an enthusiastic and bright history graduate, trying very hard and keeping my fingers crossed that I will eventually get a "real job".

In my dreams I am a weekly columnist for a modern newspaper supplement, writing in an ambitiously witty and fun way about the trials and tribulations of being a young person today.

From scathing to adoring, I blog about life for recent graduates in the current UK economic climate and the joys or sorrows it brings.

I have experience in the press industry and publishing.

Find me on Twitter @GutsyGrad


  1. I would like to note, that you probably receive a lot of spam having your email out in the open there... as well as having a hotmail account. Good day to you though. - Random internet wanderer from Canada

  2. I haven't actually had any spam emails luckily! I figured that I do need an email address on the page for anyone professional etc to contact me and if I was receiving spam I could block it. Thanks for your worries though!