26 October 2011

Rule Number One

The first rule of being an unemployed graduate? Do NOT under any circumstances, especially when you're feeling like a hopeless basket case, start facebook stalking your university friends. While some of them may well be in the same position as you, many more of them will be wildly exclaiming their joyous first day at a top London PR company or bank, unaware of the devastating effect they are having on your already deflated sense of self worth. Firstly, yes I do realise this is a contradiction on my last post which exclaimed the fact that we are not alone, and secondly I also realise that I am beginning to sound rather jealous. I cannot deny either fact and so I shall just have to rebuild my self esteem with a deep crust cheese pizza (which never cooks properly in the middle but always, without fail, burns on the outside).

Enough of the self deprecation, it's always onwards and upwards. As they say, it can only get better, and besides, I have decided that if it gets any worse I might resort to sending in an application to Britain's Got Talent to showcase my now spectacular waitressing skills.


  1. That's exactly how I feel like these days! Even though only a tiny minority of my uni friends have actually got those 'dream jobs'; it still makes me feel like a complete loser/unlucky one! I should better stop stalking on them...
    Good luck!

  2. @pioneeringadventures - I prefer the term field research to stalking...it makes us seem less desperate and more intellectual. Either way, you are right, it should stop now. Good luck to you too!