2 January 2012


It's the start of  new year. I'd like to say it's time for a new me...but let's keep things simple for now. After an amazing festive season of way too much bubbly (or just way too many general alcoholic units) consumed, far too much rich and delicious food and a whole lot of sitting in front of the television generally not moving for several hours at a time, it is well and truly time for a fresh start. So, some new year's resolutions, which I fully intend to stick to... for at least a month anyway.

1. Swap unhealthy snacks for healthy ones.
A great idea in theory. Carrot sticks and humous instead of crisps and nuts and seeds instead of sweets and chocolate. The only problem is of course, that my whole house is FULL to the brim with an over abundance of unhealthy, extremely tempting snacks teasing me at every turn. There's chocolate in the fridge, on my desk, in the front room and even in the hallway, just sitting there mocking my futile attempt at a resolution. Then, you start to make excuses., Well maybe if I just have one unhealthy snack a day? Before long it's all over and your gorging yourself endlessly, surrounded by a blanket of  pretty coloured foil wrappers. Must...stay...strong.

2. Exercise at least twice a week.
So I'm definitely too poor to join a gym and I hate running in public. The next best option is back to the exercise DVD regime whereby a fit and healthy Davina McCall tells me I'm doing really well all the time and generally gives me self-confidence boosting tips. The draw back with this option is that the DVD player is in the front room which also has a very comfortable sofa in it. Similarly there's no allotted time for said exercise and so I could end up just not doing it at all. But that's not the way I intend to carry on. I will be perfectly toned and fit by the summer I promise myself.

3. Save money.
I have the image of a traveller's dream in my mind for this summer. It involves starting in St Petersburg,  catching the Transiberian from Moscow via Mongolia, to Beiijing and then potentially the ferry to Japan. I do realise that this seems slightly ridiculous right now when I am jobless and penniless but my plan will prevail and  all it will take it finding a job and saving, saving, saving. Plus, I won't be spending any money on unhealthy snacks any more will I? I'm not even sure that I mind too much what the job is really. Of course, if I land my dream job right here, right now, the trip will have to wait but I have come to realise that the likelihood of that happening is close to zero. At least this gives me something to look forward to.

2012 is going to be a good year. With my health (hopefully), my wealth (very hopefully) and my holiday (extremely hopefully) all contributing to a very happy new year.


  1. Re. the exercise thing. What about swimming? It's relatively cheap, great fun, and gives you a full body workout.

    As for the travel... It'll come. I'm 24, and I've just planned to travel for a year from September. Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia. I'm doing it a few years after all my friends, but that's because I've waited until the time was right. I've a good job, and they have offered to give me my job back as soon as I return. You can't get a better time than that! I can't wait!

    I've always wanted to travel on the Trans-Siberian. I once priced up an entire journey, setting off from the grim North of England, traveling by train to Beijing, and then working my way over land and air through Asia to Sydney. The cost wasn't much more than a return flight from London to Sydney. One day... one day. :)

    So 16 days in Ellie, how are you doing? Have you saved any money? Have you exercised plenty? And are eating well?

    With that said... who cares? 16 days in, are you having fun? :)


  2. 16 days in and I'm doing OK-ish! Exercise wise I have managed to exercise for at least an hour 5 times a week, which is pretty amazing considering I was doing next to nothing beforehand. Surprisingly, I find it really fun too. I feel more active and alive and I get to laugh at Davina McCall pulling silly faces on her exercise DVD.

    It's the snacks bit that gets me! While I am trying to stay away from them all together, who can resist a leftover Christmas chocolate? The Wii Fit told me today that I have lost one measly little pound...pathetic! But I guess it's not really about losing weight for me, just getting fit and healthy, so I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

    I went to South East Asia before university (yes, how very typical, gap yah and all that) but it was definitely the most amazing trip of my life and where I picked up the travel bug. Noodle soup, tuk tuks, waterfalls - just stunning.

    As for saving money - that is impossible as I am not earning any! Yikes - someone needs to give me a job pretty soon, or it looks like the plains of Mongolia will just have to wait.