18 January 2012

Spam Attack!

So I just found out that I've been fooling myself all along. The hundreds of views which I was so proud to be racking up on my page count are mostly something evil called referer spam. OOOOH I hate spam - whether it's electronic, paper or meat based, it is the absolute bane of my life. How dare these Russian spam artists take over my blog stats and make poor unknowing people click on their links! Of course, I clicked on them - pride got the best of me and I wanted desperately to know who it was looking at my posts. Well, turns out it's no one. And their sites are rubbish. Humph.

99% of the mail I receive is generally tut. Emails getting me to sign up to yet more job sites where I can advertise myself and my manifold skills by posting my CV on line... and get no responses whatsoever. Letters from the NHS wishing me Happy New Year and offering me a free Chlamydia test. Yay. It's just what I always wanted! Then there's the the ones from every single voucher company available on this planet offering me half price spa days and manicures. While I could definitely do with one of those right now - my nails are worn down from a combination of washing up since the dishwasher broke and general anxiety - I can't actually afford their lovely and slightly pointless offers. There was one exciting thing I got in the post however; a Graze box. Four little compartments of healthy, tasty, nutritious treats, intended to ward off the 4 o'clock snack attack. And...it was FREE! So at least I'm sticking to my New Year's Resolutions. Save money and snack healthily. In fact I'm nibbling upon some chilli and lime pistachios right this very instant. Yum.

Oh yeah, guess what? I got promoted again. In that job that I thought I'd never go back to. A 50p per hour pay rise, more seniority and the task of reporting on staff members who dare to turn up with a hair bobble coloured other than black or with beard stubble. It seems that I am perhaps destined to become a worker in the catering and events industry after all. Or is it the bitching industry? I'll have to work that one out. Either way, they are the only ones who seem to want to hire me right now. And the only people who send me emails which aren't spam - although how eager I am to receive said emails is another matter.


  1. Hey, found your blog quite randomly and have read back some of your posts. Just thought I'd say that everything you've written has had me nodding away in agreement! Xx

  2. Yes, I think we're all starting to look like those little plastic dogs you get in the back of cars! Thanks for reading. There's so many of us still plugging away, applying to jobs every day, honing our CVs and trying to keep our brains in gear while doing unpaid or poorly paid work. Hope you find what you're looking for eventually. Keep reading :)

  3. I found your blog after searching for a fun picture of spam -- and I LOVE the drawing... and your words are only too true. Love the humor! Might be back to read some more!

  4. Thanks L,

    I'm afraid I can't take credit for the picture but I love it too and I just had to use it. Funnily enough, a lot of my page hits come from people looking for images of spam - it seems to be a hot topic!

    I'm glad you read the blog too instead of just taking the image - and I'm especially glad that you enjoyed it :)

    Keep reading...there will be many more posts to come!